Hostvedt Farms


Project Description

The Hostvedt farm is a beautiful 100 acre property located in Plumstead Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our team was asked to design a residential subdivision that respected the existing farmhouse with an open, natural feel while taking a progressive, sustainable design approach, where possible.

Working with the owner and the township, we designed a 30 lot subdivision with an interior circulation loop. The parcels were arranged to maximize acreage and minimize unnecessary impervious coverage. Each new residence was designed to utilize on-lot sanitary sewer systems and on-lot potable water wells.

On-site testing revealed bedrock at shallow depths, thereby making placement and depth of stormwater pipe critical to avoid extensive rock removal. Our team used CAD modeling to ensure that the pipes were shallow enough to avoid unnecessary excavation costs, but deep enough to work with the proposed detention system requirements. Managing the on-site stormwater runoff was achieved through the use of wet bottom basins with extensive wetland plantings and a progressive form of BMP called evapo-transpiration. We worked closely with PADEP to ensure that these systems were designed to their respective specifications.

As a sustainable feature, each lot was designed to have a south-facing view to enhance vistas and accommodate passive or active solar systems. The owner’s existing farmhouse retained a large parcel and a private feel. The house will be restored along with adjacent spring house and barn to give the property an clean finish.

The Hostvedt farm project is fully approved and awaiting construction. Our team has been asked to provide oversight as the work gets underway.