Hanover Township Building


Project Description

In 2009, the municipality of Hanover Township, Lehigh County, PA hired a team to design brand new Municipal and Public Works buildings to replace what was out-of-date and undersized. The new buildings would be built in place of the old without relocating the township. Renew Design Group was asked to assist with the planning process and provide site/civil engineering that included layout, grading, stormwater management, and erosion and sediment control design. Additionally Renew was responsible for obtaining all local, state and federal permits and approvals.

Because the existing municipal building needed to remain in operation until the new facility was complete, construction would have to be carefully phased. Our team was able to work with the architect and the township to ensure the continued operation of all local services during construction.

In addition to the challenges associated with a constrained building envelope, the site required new stormwater management facilities. The existing system did not have a designated area for controlling stormwater runoff and the new building footprint was much larger than its predecessor, therefore the site would require more than just traditional means to manage its onsite drainage. We collaborated with our design team to develop a progressive combination of methods that proved effective and sustainable. A green roof was provided, covering over 50% of the new roof area, to handle a large portion of the site’s stormwater management. Adjacent to the buildings, naturalized bio-retention areas were designed to dissipate much of the stormwater from smaller storms. Because of the existing limestone geology of the region, a geo-synthetic clay liner was used on portions of the site to alleviate future maintenance concerns.

Upon completion, the Hanover Township building will provide a state of the art facility with innovative site features including a green roof, bio-retention gardens, native plantings, and solar operated site lighting. The new facility successfully provides a creative solution for a township in need of more space on a challenging site.