Glenside Elementary School


Project Description

Glenside’s 1950s vintage elementary school had out-lived its useful lifespan when Renew Design Group was selected to assist with a project that would replace the building with an expanded facility and redesign the site.

Existing parking and circulation deficiencies have been remedied by the new plan (which nearly doubles the parking capacity). Additionally, bus areas are now clearly separated from parking and parent drop-off areas. New playgrounds have been developed to accommodate the student population. While stormwater management was essentially absent on the existing site, the new plan incorporates bio-retention “rain” gardens and underground stormwater management systems. The site has been carefully redesigned to restrict grading and disturbance areas such that 85% of the existing trees on the site have been preserved. Old sewer and water lines serving the site have also been completely replaced.

Renew Design Group worked closely with the architect and the Cheltenham Township School District to develop a plan for the site that accommodates its new two-story building and conserves the overall site coverage. The building features an interior courtyard designed by Renew to include landscaping, birdhouses, and green friendly “eco-pavers.” The goal of Glenside’s courtyard design is to create an outdoor area that can be used for student project displays and educational instruction.

The new school will be a symbol of learning in Glenside’s community for years to come. With sustainable design elements and expanded capacity, it represents progress for a community that desires the best for its future generations.